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Surface de contrôle tactile 43"
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In 2012, Slate Media Technology realized that in order to get the most immersive

studio workflow, no better solution existed than to turn the screen into a world- class control surface. So we created the RAVEN, a multi-touch monitor that inte- grates seamlessly with digital audio workstation software.

RAVENs are now found in top studios around the globe, including those of Snoop,, Steve Aoki, Mark Needham, Dolly Parton, and many more.

Now in 2019, Slate are proud to announce the next evolution of the large format professional RAVEN Series, the RAVEN MTZ

The MTZ boasts a 43” projective capacitance no-bezel panel with TEN ultra accurate multi-touch points. With a depth of only 1.5”, the MTZ is sleek, ergonomic, and the ultimate solution for the modern professional studio.

We are proud to announce that the first RAVEN MTZ will be installed in the world-famous NRG Recording Studios Mix Room C, where it will replace an older large format analog console.


Compatible DAWs:

  • Pro Tools 10 and Above
  • Logic Pro X—Mac Only
  • Cubase & Nuendo
  • Digital Performer 8 & 9—Mac Only
  • Ableton Live 9 & 10 —Mac Only
  • Studio One V3 + V4 —Mac Only
  • PLEASE NOTE: RAVEN Hardware comes with your choice of one supported DAW. Additional DAW support licenses can be purchased for a fee from our Store.

Required for Use:

  • Computer with USB 2.0 connection
  • iLok2 Dongle
  • HDMI Cable (Included)
  • Uses V-control pro
  • No Ethernet or MIDI Required

Minimum Mac Mini/MacBook ProRequirements:

  • i5 Processor or Greater
  • Intel HD 4000 Graphics Card (512MB VRAM)
  • 4GB RAM

Minimum Mac Pro Requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 (Lion,) 10.8 (Mountain Lion,) 10.9 (Mavericks.)
  • 2.5Ghz Xeon Processor
  • Intel HD 4000 Graphics Card (512MB VRAM)
  • 4GB RAM
  • Note: Quality of your graphics card is very critical to the quality of your RAVEN’s performance.
  • Poids de l'ecran: 35 kg
  • Un modèle de meuble d'accueil est en développement, nous contacter pour plus de détails.

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