Zaor Marea

Meuble de Studio
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- Height: 1047 mm on the back and 770 mm on the front
- Depth: 1105 mm
- Width: 1581 mm
- 3 x 2 Rack units
- Solid wood + particle board

In the light of the runaway success of series and others, ZAOR created a home for this type of desk in form of the MAREA desk!

It’s generous proportions allow to place controllers, digital mixers and 6 rack units worth of outboard gear, two large screens, a laptop, pad or other accessories in a compact 158 cm by 110 cm work space. Cable management is always a major concern for the ZAOR design team, so plenty of room for all those necessary wires is provided and passages in all the right places. The whole desk stands on just two sleek yet strong legs featuring solid wood, avoiding boxy and resonant designs of the past. The depth of the central mixer tray allows to cater for many different angles and shapes of controllers that seem to constantly occupy more studio real estate and reshape the production workflow. The MAREA makes the most of the primary ergonomic space, placing relevant controls within direct reach whereas rack gear is placed at arms length slightly further back. This design clearly places the DAW controller or digital mixer in the heart of the action while still allowing for vital rackable components to find a home. The desk comes in sober black MDF with side panels, legs, armrest in solid, locally sourced oak to convey a sense of its quality and durability.


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