Dizengoff D864

Dizengoff D864
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The Dizengoff D864 Varimu Compressor is based on the classic Federal AM864 vari-mu compressor.

Varimu compressors are known for their musical compression behavior. While they can be finicky, once mastered they are wonderful tools. The D864 is not really a beginner's compressor. While it doesn't thump, pop, or otherwise swamp like many varimu compressors do, it does take a bit of time to master.  It sounds wonderful on a variety of sources.

They chose to base the D864 transformers on the much loved Peerless-Altec designs of the 1960’s. These are very highly regarded for their signal quality to this day, and used examples fetch a premium. They chose nickel-50 core material for good signal fidelity.


For feature set, they have added some extras not found in the original build. 

For example : variable attack and release, as well as ratio, threshold, and input trim controls.  Additionally, they included switchable bypass, link, and two unique features — Growl and Glow.

Growl is a sort of parallel germanium compression that can be switched in and out of circuit. It adds a nice, trashy edge to the sound. Glow shifts the behavior of the output stage. It gives a more mid-forward response by shifting the way the output transformer saturates. This makes it a great tool for bringing out a vocal or snare crack within a mix.  It also seems to give a bit more 'glue' to tracks.

For the enclosure, they have designed a nice, 2U high all aluminum rack-mount case.  Metering is provided by a giant 2.55″ round A-scale VU meter.  Knobs are Chicago Daka Ware, of course.


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