Aphex 320D compellor stéréo

Contrôle de dynamique
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  • 320drp-1024x104
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Contrôle de dynamique transparent pour le broadcast, l'enregistrement et le live.

  • Delivers transparent audio level control for broadcast, recording, and live sound
  • Balanced analog input and output
  • AES digital input and output
  • Dual mono or stereo operation

The patented technologies within the 320D are totally unique. By going beyond conventional design ideas, the 320D provides audio processing with unprecedented sound transparency, yet is exceedingly effective at controlling levels. No other product can match the performance of the 320D. Algorithms like our “FDL,” “DVG,” and “DRC” have yet to find any rivals.

The 320D’s Frequency Discriminate Leveler section, with the Dynamic Verification Gate and the Silence Gate, slowly adjusts the volume level of an audio stream with very complex algorithms that hide its work. It works differently at different frequencies and stops processing when the sound stops, then resumes instantly when the sound reappears, so there's no distracting increases in program background noise. When you listen, you know the levels are made more even, but you don’t perceive the levels are shifting.

The 320D’s Variable Slope Compressor, Dynamic Recovery Computer and Dynamic Verification Gate add adaptable compression to match the texture of changing audio sources. You don’t hear pumping or other audio artifacts, just natural sound that is evenly consistent in loudness.

The 320D’s limiter acts on peaks that shoot beyond average program levels so they are easy to handle by any analog or digital recording system.

The 320D can act as two independent mono processors or one linked stereo processor, which is selectable on the front panel. This is true with both analog and digital I/O.

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