TC Electronics EQ Station

TC Electronics EQ Station
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EQ Station - The New Benchmark for Live EQ

The New Benchmark in Live EQ
More than a decade ago TC Electronic introduced the multi-award winning TC 1128/6032 EQ. It became the benchmark for digitally controlled Graphic EQ's. Now TC Electronic is back in the live business using cutting edge 48 bit DSP processing and superb ADA conversion technology - the result is EQ Station, the next generation EQ solution for the most demanding live-sound applications.


When time and control is of the essence
With EQ Station's intuitive user interface you will be up and running within minutes! You no longer have to choose between ease of operation and a full set of features. The layout of the user interface was designed to fit the live sound requirement for instant access to all major control functions.


The EQ Station is a dedicated Live-EQ. Combined with the Motofader-64 flying-fader remote and the TCP/IP based PC editor software you have the most versatile and sophisticated, yet easy to use, EQ System for any live- and Public Address-application found on the market today.

Spécifications Techniques :

  • EQ Paramétrique 6 bandes
  • EQ Graphique 29 Bandes
  • 3 band Dynamic EQ
  • Delay (600mS)
  • Limiteur
  • Store/recall de 250 paramètres utilisateur
  • Ecran extra lumineux QVGA full couleur TFT (320 x 240 pixels)
  • Vue séparée et bypass indépendant pour chaque fonction
  • Potard indépendant de fréquence, largeur de bande, et gain
  • Stereo-link pour traitement stereo ou sur In-Ear monitors


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